Graduation Party and Award Ceremony for Graduates in 2021

Date:2021-06-07        Views:25

At 7 p.m. on May 27, the college’s 2021 graduation party and award ceremony for outstanding graduates were grandly held in the lecture hall of the art building. Alumni representatives, college leaders, counselors, representatives of teachers and students enjoyed the party.

With the shocking debut of the opening dance “ CO CO is cool ”, the graduation party was kicked off. Songs, classical dance, recitation, magic show, musical ensemble, sitcoms and other programs show campus stories and tell students’ deep attachment to the school.

The list of winners of “ Anzeda Scholarship” and “Qilong Scholarship” was also announced at the party. The winning students went on stage to receive the award and took a group photo.

This evening party served as a platform for graduates to express their feelings  and thanks to their alma mater, which also chronicled the best memory on their departure. The college expressed best wishes for the 2021 graduates of the School of Finance and Public Administration.