Date:2021-07-20        Views:35

The subject of taxation took its form in 1959 when Anhui University of Finance and Economics was founded, and it began to recruit students in 1994. Now it has been granted with the titles of Anhui first-class undergraduate subject and Anhui comprehensive reform pilot subject. There are 16 full-time teachers, 5 professors and 6 associate professors. The proportion of teachers with deputy senior titles and above and the doctoral rate are close to 70%, which registers a reasonable structure and an outstanding academic and teaching panorama.

Relying on the educational system of industry-university cooperation, we highlight the hierarchical training orientation of talents, and attach great importance to the combination of learning and competition, committing to cultivating talents with solid theoretical foundation and professional skills to engage in tax-related operation. Graduates have a wide range of employment with high quality, which manifests the remarkable achievements of taxation in talents cultivation. The subject of taxation of our college has profound academic foundation, distinctive training characteristics and significant advantages, which promises broad prospects.